Although Fredric Edwin Church was known to exude art in this format, he employed an array of other techniques to his paintings. One such example is the Syria by the Sea painting. Just like his other paintings, Church brings to live an aura of ancient Syrian ruins with this painting. Shortly after travelling through Europe and the near East for two years, Church set down to start working on this piece of historical marvel in 1874. Basically, Syria by the Sea is an artistic depiction of a historical wonder situated in today's state of Syria.

Even though Church didn't create the actual painting in the original location, he utilized his inner knowledge and artistic feelings to bring the feeling of the environment to live on the plain canvas. So much was his in-depth feeling that he could vividly paint the landscape, ancient pillars and landmarks on the Syrian ancient city. As if that is not enough, Church also added a touch of romantic movements on the paint by bringing forth a cloudy, yet sunny weather and a distant look of the sea.

All these dramatic work of art can be attributed to a great sense of connection between Church and the cities he visited while on his voyage. Through the vast travel, Church got to get a better understanding of his environment and bring forth such aspects as sunlight, breeze and temperature, that can't be laid on a piece of canvas with ease. With this masterpiece, one can get to feel the ancient sensation of the Syrian ruins first hand. One of the most intriguing things about art is that a product doesn't necessarily have to exist in reality.

Just like this beautiful piece of art, it's quite unclear where Church got to see the ruins exactly. However, it's of utter importance to note that even though different elements portrayed on the painting might not exists in reality, they bring out an inner sensation, just by looking at it. An observer will instantly be carried away to the location due to the perfect blend of the sea, ruined pillars, sea and rocks on the land. An observer gets to reel in the feeling of what it really felt like to watch the sun set over the seas, while enjoying the Syrian coast.

Syria by the Sea in Detail Frederic Edwin Church