Above the Clouds at Sunrise - Chuch completed this painting in the year 1849. This is one of the most audacious paintings Church made. He carefully represented the sunrise at the top of a mountain (above the clouds) in a specific way such that all the landscape located beyond a certain distance was replaced by a massive cloud bank. The other natural elements are also displayed as well as the pink fog and a beautiful horizon view. Church was able to display the magical light of the sunlight in an incredible way. He appreciates nature in a massive way and tries to teach people the same.

Morning, A view East of the Catskill and the Hudson valley - this painting was done in the year 1849. It described Church's early work displaying his romantic heritage. This painting was subtly but carefully composed. It displays a break that has a crescent shape in a rocky terrain that leads to a valley that is the source of the Hudson River that flows downwards. The clouds are displayed with a streak of reddish light and the foreground clearly displays the landscape. The New York landscape was very important to the schools that taught the art about painting in America.

Church's mentor in the art (Thomas Cole) had explored the Hudson Valley for long. Church was a devoted protestant and that is why his artistic work was coded in a specific way depicting his faith and love of the natural God-given nature. The scene displayed on the painting showcases many opportunities for symbolic or spiritual allusions on the linkup of the mountains, the river, and the entire environment.

The Heart of the Andes - Church managed to do to complete this piece of art in the year 1859. This was the greatest painting he made during his visit in the south American landscapes in 1853 and 1857 respectively. This art was has a width of 3 meters and is able to present a welter of Fauna, which is most notably on the foreground when you can see several plants that displayed in a good way. One part of the painting will capture anyone's attention as it showcases a series of trees with silver barks on the right side. It clearly shows a pool of water at the center where the roots of the trees extend and are visible. His trip to the Andes was greatly motivated by Alexander Von Humboldt who had explored South America and his work was well known by Church. This painting shows how Church was connected to the God-given environment and tried to educate people on the same.

Above the Clouds at Sunrise in Detail Frederic Edwin Church